10 Popular Methods for Experiencing Spirituality

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10 Popular Methods for Experiencing Spirituality

Human spirituality includes more than participation in religion or an expression of religious concepts. Spirituality is the search for the spiritual dimension while finding peace within and oneness with the universe. The connection we share with an unseen greater power motivates us to look for answers about infinite concepts. There are multiple roads each of us can take to experience spirituality. The following are common methods used throughout the world:

Consulting a Medium

A medium is a person has the ability to provide a communication link between humans who are alive in the physical world and the spirits of the deceased. One way a medium can provide this communication is by allowing the spirit of the deceased individual to control their body to deliver a message. Other mediums perform by listening to the spirit realm and relaying the message to a loved one. Other experiences with mediums may involve the appearance of an apparition or a voice that can be heard but not seen.


Meditation is an essential practice for spiritual growth. Many people understand that they are connected to something that is not easily detected by the physical senses and believe that they carry divine energy within themselves. Meditation can let you take control of this spiritual energy and use it to bring peace and harmony to your life. Meditation is a simple process that can be performed anywhere. The major meditation styles are:

Focused meditation: Attention is focused on a single object, thought, sound or visualization. This type of meditation trains practitioners to rid the mind of distractions. This type of meditation may focus on a calming sound, repeated mantra or the breath.

Open-monitoring meditation: This type encourages individuals to broaden their awareness of self, trains of thought and their environment. This process involves tuning into the thoughts and emotions that you might otherwise suppress.

Participate in a Paranormal Investigation

This is where we come in. We investigate the potential presence of ghosts in locations that are believed to be haunted. Our team uses a variety of equipment in an attempt to confirm the presence of paranormal activity.  However, sometimes the best tool to experience something ‘spiritual” is ourselves.  Until it “happens to you,” it’s something that can’t always be explained.

We offer a variety of authentic paranormal investigations for your private group or in one of our exclusive public events throughout the year.

Ancestor Worship

Many cultures believe that the dead live on in the spiritual realm and can influence happenings here in the physical world. Many of these groups choose to acknowledge and venerate their ancestors as a spiritual practice. Ancestor veneration is the basis of many religions in Africa. Although these religions most often feature a supreme being, their practitioners devote offerings and prayers are made to ancestors who are believed to communicate with the supreme being on behalf of worshippers.

Many people practice an informal type of ancestor veneration in the West. Making shrines to loved ones, praying to them for guidance and visiting grave sites are forms of this spiritual practice.


There are a lot of physical benefits to practicing yoga. You can increase your stamina, strength and overall physique. However, yoga also can provide practitioners with a connection to the spirit world.

Regular yoga practice allows yogis to become aware of the energy they possess, inside and out. The spirit man or woman is a higher consciousness available to guide you through life’s challenges, and yoga is excellent for helping you connect to this divine energy.


Cannabis has been a mainstay in several cultural movements. Many musicians and other artists have admitted to smoking marijuana to connect with the creativity they know is present within them. This is in contrast to hemp and other CBD-focused products, which have a mild or nonexistent effect on perception.

Cannabis has been a part of spiritual ceremonies for centuries and has proven its ability to nourish the soul and connect to the spirit over time. The Rastafarian movement in Jamaica is built around the premise that cannabis use increases communal unity and inspires practitioners to have visions. Buddhist monks have also used cannabis to quiet the mind and aid meditation.


Voodoo is a spiritual belief system that originally began in Africa. In the Western Hemisphere, the practice has evolved into a combination of Native American, African and Catholic traditions.

Voodoo is centered around the community and supports the empowerment and spiritual development of the individual. The practice does not include a world authority or scriptures of any kind. Voodooists believe that the seen and unseen worlds connect with each other. They see death as a transition to the unseen world. Ancestors in the unseen world are present and watching over us all, according to Voodoo belief.


Confucianism is defined as a philosophy, religion, method of governance and simply a way of life. Individuals who ascribe to Confucianism are in pursuit of oneness with self and God. They explain that humanity has the capability to directly connect itself with heaven. Heaven represents creation and divine order in Confucianism. The connection to heaven comes from contemplating this divine order.

Nature Worship

Nature worship is any spiritual practice that involves the worship of the spirits who are responsible for natural phenomenon. This type of worship takes countless forms, centering on natural objects like the moon and sun or elements like fire and water. Animals, flowers, or trees can also represent spiritual concepts and be venerated as sacred in nature worship.


Astrology, as a spiritual science, seeks to connect the reality within us to the physical world in which we live. This practice is based on studying the influence of the position of the moon, planets and stars at the time of a person’s birth. Astrology practitioners report benefiting from increased insight, divine revelation, and spiritual validation. Spirituality is not simply regular adherence to a set of rituals. The quest for spiritual meaning involves finding peace and the place of the individual in the universe as a whole. There is no single path that all must take to achieve this end. The ten paths above are worth study as part of a spiritual quest. Ready to experience spirits and ghosts in a more personal way? Our signature Haunted San Juan Capistrano Ghost Tours are the perfect place for an intimate and authentic ghost tour experience!

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