2017 Movie Previews (Part 2)

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Part two. Ohhh this is so fun. Look at all these all these movies, Alright, lets pick up right where we left off.

1) The Boy 2 – I’m trying to figure out where else the directors could go with this film. I thought it gave us closure and didn’t really need a sequel, but like all horror movies I’d most definitely give it a chance! Expected release date: Unknown.

2) Alien – I love that this poster gives absolutely nothing away. And I have yet to search youtube or scour the T.V. for a sneak peek. I, myself would love to be surprised. Every single one of the alien films has been solid. I think this one will be much the same. Expected Release Date: May 19, 2017.

3) Halloween Returns – If you are still keeping count (which I am) this will officially be #11. The Halloween films have always been great. There is rumor of this one starting out with Michael on death row. Looking forward to this one! Looks like this one may be on hold as far as a release date as of right now, but it seems like John Carpenter will be involved. Expected release date: Unknown.

4) Orphan 2 – Esther’s revenge. Not too much released about this film. Expected release date: Unknown.

5) Scream – The End – Its been 20 years since the start of the franchise. There are definitely high hopes for this film (if it finally happens). Who doesn’t love a Wes Craven film? Hopefully this one was in the works before he passed away. Expected release date: Unknown.

6) Insidious Chapter 4 – The plot is currently unknown. The longer they keep this one under wraps, the better I think it will be. These films always have the best movie and are super creepy. This is one to check out at the box office for sure! Expected release date: October 20, 2017.

7) Cult of Chucky – with a 4.2 out of 5 on IMDB this one is sure to be a hit. The plot is a good start too: Nica Pierce has spent four years in a mental institution after members of her family were murdered, a crime she did not commit. Her psychiatrist gives her a Good Guy doll as a therapeutic tool. Soon afterward, a new string of murders take place around the asylum, making Nica suspect that Chucky, the possessed doll behind the crimes she was accused of and who she has concluded is a figment of her imagination, is behind her predicament. Sound similar to the first one? EXCITE! Expected release date: October 20, 2017.

8 ) IT – Who else got the chills while watching the trailer?! I love that they seemed to keep it pretty true to the book / original movie and that they didn’t show Pennywise too much. Just enough to get the blood pumping. One of the horror films I’m most excited for this year! Expected release date: September 8, 2017

9) FInal Destination 6 – Looks like it’s going to be like every other Final Destination with it’s twists and entertaining kills. Expected release date: August 2017.

10) Ouija 3 – I think it’s so great that Creepypasta and Internet created gems are making their way into the horror genre. Some of these concepts are really terrifying and ‘Charlie Charlie’ is one of them. I haven’t seen this film but I think it may have already been released. Release Date: End of 2016.

Which of these would you go to see?

— Kaity

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