You’re Gay Because of….Ghosts?

hand coming through mist

85% of gay people are possessed by ghosts according to ‘spiritual research” Well, don’t get too excited about using this as an excuse when coming out to your friends and family quite yet….. With the click baity headline I gave this the benefit of the doubt that the article was satire. After looking into the […]

Haunted Casa Grande Domes being demolished

Haunted Casa Grande Domes being demolished Our hearts always hurt when we hear of the demolition or destruction of a haunted landmark. While we never had the opportunity to investigate this notorious (and strange) Arizona haunt, it’s still a bummer to ear that it’s on its way out. CASA GRANDE, Ariz. (AP) — County officials […]

Let’s Make “Horsemanning” A Thing


Let’s make “Horsemanning” a thing ​The “Planking” fad seems to have come and gone…. Halloween season is just around the corner and we think it’s time to bring back an old 1920’s fad called “Horsemanning.” The creative opportunities are ENDLESS with this one. You think we can make this a thing? 😉 Check out some […]

Additional “Evidence” to Prove Haunted Hotel?

Haunted evidence

Additional “evidence” to prove haunted hotel? This hotel room video went viral. Frank Ramirez (the man who posted the original video) made an attempt to create a debunk video of people debunking HIS video. Frank insists fishing line couldn’t be the culprit. The problem(s) with Frank’s debunk video: 1) It’s not the same room 2) […]

Queen Mary “REAL” Ghost Photo Captured

Real or Faked crop

Queen Mary “REAL” ghost photo captured We’ll start with a little history. The Queen Mary is located in Long Beach, CA. Internationally recognized, the [now] hotel is known as one of the most haunted places in the world. There are estimated to be as many as 150 spirits that reside on the ship. Over the […]

2017 Movie Previews (Part 2)

Movie Posters

Part two. Ohhh this is so fun. Look at all these all these movies, Alright, lets pick up right where we left off. 1) The Boy 2 – I’m trying to figure out where else the directors could go with this film. I thought it gave us closure and didn’t really need a sequel, but […]

UNSEALED: The Foxfire Restaurant- Anaheim Hills, CA


Case File: The Foxfire Restaurant Anaheim Hills, CA This 2017 New Year rang in our one year anniversary of the classified case of the Foxfire Restaurant that has been sealed ¬for more than a year. We have some interesting memories of our investigation of this location, so we felt that it was time to pull […]

Scary Movies of 2017/2018

Movie Posters

Scary Movies of 2017/2018 A two – maybe 3 parter – Can we just address all these sequels up and coming in 2017 & 2018!? It’s going to be a great couple of years for horror. The conjuring 3. – stoked for this one since #1 & #2 were so amazing. With over 30 possible […]

The Bracken Fern Manor- “Home Sweet Home”

Bracken Fern Manor

The Bracken Fern Manor- “Home Sweet Home” I swear my experiences with this amazing new family of mine are giving my brain whiplash. As a recent new member, I was instantly thrown into the mix on what I think has been one of the group’s best investigations to date. The Bracken Fern Manor and Tudor […]