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Steamboat Berkeley & B-39 Submarine

We are DOUBLING DOWN in San Diego, CA for an epic DOUBLE LOCKDOWN event aboard the Steam Boat Berkeley and the B-39 Soviet Submarine.  TWO historic haunts .
This Public DOUBLE LOCKDOWN experience is only offered limited times in the year . They can however be booked privately for you and your friends ultimate haunted experience on demand.
Bracken Manor

Bracken Fern Manor & Tudor House

You are invited to explore your curiosities into the paranormal and take part in a very limited LOCKDOWN Investigation. With our guidance and knowledge, we will conduct EVP sessions, spirit box sessions and various other experiments in attempt to communicate with the other side. For those who want to be put to the test, you will have the opportunity to participate in our ‘Solitary’ challenge. Talk about major bragging rights!
House at the end of the drive

Oman House

OC Ghosts & Legends conducted two private investigations at the Oman House in 2017 and in 2019. Based on our experiences and data we’ve collected, we feel it’s time to extend an opportunity to YOU to experience the Oman House for yourself with our guidance.
Public LOCKDOWN events take place on vary limited occasions. However, you may book the Oman House LOCKDOWN privately, exclusively with OC Ghosts & Legends

Double lockdown

Star of India & Steam Ferry Berkeley

The Oldest, Active sailing ship in the world. And the “Irreplaceable” 1898 Steam Ferry Berkeley. Both vessels have incredible stories to tell within their decks and we are bringing you this very limited and EXCLUSIVE opportunity to investigate not just one, but both of these haunted landmarks.
Another popular DOUBLE LOCKDOWN experience you can take part in.  Public LOCKDOWN events take place of very limited occassions.  However, you may book this option for a private LOCKDOWN experience with your friends and family.