Oman House

"The Mount Everest of Haunted Houses"

- Dr. Barry Taff (Parapsychologist)

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Oman House Lockdown

Between 2017 and 2019, OC Ghosts & Legends conducted several private investigations of the Oman House.  Based on our experiences and collected evidence, we kicked off our premiere Oman House public LOCKDOWN event(s) later in 2019. Needless to say, they were a hit.  

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Beverly Hills, California

Oman House

Exclusive Access

Over 50 years ago, Sharon Tate and four other people were savagely murdered by the Manson Family on August 9th, 1969 at 10050 Cielo Drive in Beverly Hills California.  The location of this incident is known today as “The House At The End of The Drive.”    This tragic event remains one of the most prolific crimes in American history.


In 1999, David Oman and his father purchased a nearby plot of land and built a house on it just 150 feet from 10050 Cielo Drive where the murders took place. It was completed in 2002.

Since moving in, the Oman House has notoriously been known to be full of bizarre spirit activity.  People come from far and wide to just drive up the street of this infamous neighborhood, and the Oman House has been the subject of various network TV shows such as Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Witness, Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Story & More!
Countless sightings of apparitions, disembodied voices, doors closing on their own, objects falling, light anomalies and shadows.  Numerous recording’s of EVP’s and objects moving continue to add up


Exclusive admission to the Oman House with OC Ghosts & Legends and David Oman

4+ hours of a ghost investigation with the guidance and support of the OCGL Team

Extensive variety of investigative equipment with be available at the investigation for use including ( but not limited to); KII meters, SLS camera(s), thermal device, spirit boxes, REM Pod(s) & more!

See what’s happening LIVE during your investigation with 14 HD1080p infrared video cameras capturing every moment – ready for instant playback of any notable occurrences.

Age 18+ (not recommended for minors under the age of 18)

*Tickets are non-refundable*

The Oman House LOCKDOWN is different from our other signature venues.  You are personally invited to participate in a very limited investigative experience in David Oman’s private home in Beverly Hills.

You can’t help but envision that awful night on August 9th, 1969 especially when you are making your way down the drive.  It’s an eeriness that must be felt and experienced to believe.

Customer Reviews

five stars
I have to say... It was one of the Most Exciting Nights here at #TheOmanHouse that I have seen! Thanks again Cris and your wonderful team, I and the unseen house guests here were pleased!
David Oman
five stars
Another amazing location to check off the list! The Oman House was filled with activity. This was the first time we got evidence in the first hour. Amazing. Love sharing these adventures with my ghost buddies. Fun fact. I'm a huge Beach Boys fan and didn't know that Charlie Manson's intended victim was Dennis Wilson. Mind blown.
Nicole C.
five stars
What an amazing night! Once again, Cris and his team have gone above and beyond to provide for an exceptional event! OC Ghosts and Legends are a fantastic group of great, down-to-earth people who keep it real and are always willing to go one step further to ensure that you have the best experience. [..]
Sydnee R.