Q&A: Orange County Paranormal Investigator Talks About Local Ghostly Activity

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Q&A: Orange County Paranormal Investigator Talks About Local Ghostly Activity

​In the popular imagination, Orange County tends to conjure images of sunny suburbs and feuding housewives, not haunted mansions and shadowy valleys. But as paranormal investigator and director of OC Ghosts and Legends,
Orange County resident Cris August has had more than a few paranormal experiences in the area.

OC Ghosts and Legends has been leading tours, investigations and events since 2011, exposing the history and darker side of the county.

August spoke to Halloween Every Night about his organization, Orange County history and investigations.

Halloween Every Night: Tell us the history of OC Ghosts and Legends. Cris August: OC Ghosts and Legends was founded simply with a passion for the paranormal and the desire to help others. We formed in 2011 as just two guys with individual knowledge and experience wanting to take it to the next level by conducting independent investigations into some of Orange County’s most haunted locations.

Over time, we felt confident in responding to calls from private residences who claim to have supernatural activity within their homes. These people really didn’t know where else to turn and how to get help.

We take tremendous pride in the fact that people entrusted us to be in their homes and open up to us about these disturbances. While our client privacy is of the highest importance, it humbles us to know that we were at least able
to arm these folks with some knowledge and confidence to take back their space. It’s a truly rewarding feeling that stands true with everything we do today.

HEN: How does Orange County compare to other older parts of the country in terms of ghost hunting?”

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