R.I.P “Poltergeist Tree” Black Star Canyon

R.I.P "Poltergeist Tree" - Black Star Canyon

What we have so endearingly referred to as the “Poltergeist Tree” or to some- the “Screaming Tree.” Many first time visitors just refer to it as that “Scary Tree.” This unique Black Star Canyon trademark is no more. She has been cut down.
We are not clear as to the reason for this tragedy, we can only assume it was a necessary casualty perhaps having to do with fire safety. For which we at OC Ghosts and Legends understand, but no less dissapointing.

This tree was a staple at Black Star Canyon and has always been admired by hikers and ghost seekers alike. Particularly, The “Poltergeist Tree” became our mascot for Black Star Canyon. She gave personality to this legendary haunted canyon and she stood proudly as a representative in our company logo of Black Star Canyon since 2011.
Black Star Canyon logo

While many would likely conclude that with such a creepy tree, this would include some eerie ghostly attachments and strange phenomena, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Which reminds us to never judge a book by it’s cover. We always considered the space in and around the “Poltergeist Tree” to be a bit of a safe haven. Similarly to a video game save check point where the player is safe from harm while within that parameter.

Our “Poltergeist Tree” may appear to be chopped up blocks of wood on the canyon floor, but she will forever serve as our protector from lingering shadows and appartiions who lurk around every corner. If you find yourself at Black Star Canyon, be sure to pay your respects to her memory.

You can also join us on a Black Star Canyon Ghost Walk or book your own private Black Star Canyon Ghost walk which is provided at your personal request.

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