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OC Ghosts and Legends not only strives to incorporate and educate the public with our investigative findings through public events, speaking engagements and ghost tours, but our goal is also to contribute to the vast field of anomalous research.

It’s safe to say that this field holds far more questions than there are answers.  With each investigation we not only provide support for our clients but we want to attempt to understand those occurrences that cannot be explained.

What was the antecedent to those incidents? A common denominator? Is it the environment? The people involved?  These are all just some of the questions we must ask ourselves when conducting an investigation into a location.

We (OC Ghosts and Legends) are embarking on a new study to help us understand some of the common phenomena and experiences that take place in hospitals.

Namely involving hospital staff such as RN’s, doctors and/or surgeons while caring for individuals who pass on during the course of their care.  

This may include terminally ill patients, trauma patients, etc.  
Whatever the circumstance, we want to hear from you.

What are some examples?

I can think of more than a handful of people I know personally who have a story (as a family member) of strange occurrences taking place before or shortly after their loved one passes on.  During these heart wrenching moments of watching someone you love pass on, do we as human beings merely imagine certain “signs” our deceased loved one may be giving us from the other side as means of comfort and coping with the situation?   Or is it possible that our loved ones really do have the capability of sending a message in a supernatural means of communication?

While the experiences of the family members are important to this study, we feel that the care staff should be heard regarding their own experiences.  We will dedicate more time to family members later on in this study.  

Our primary focus in starting this task is to speak to any hospital staff who may have witnessed or experienced paranormal phenomena either before, during or after caring for their patients who have passed on.   We think not only should these stories be told, but medical staff is often overlooked when it comes to paranormal phenomena. To begin to even understand the transition of life into death in this setting and are there attempts at communication from the other side?


What we are looking for

If you are an RN, doctor, surgeon, hospice care provider (home hospice can be included in this study), emergency room staff (or any other team member in a hospital setting), we are seeking volunteers to tell us your story!

Privacy and confidentiality is 100% respected should you choose to remain anonymous if/when this study is to be publicized. 
That will be entirely at your discretion.

We simply want to interview you and hear of your experiences to aide in this study.  Interviews can be conducted either via Skype, phone, e-mail or in person.
We will work together to establish the best way of conducting the interview based on your time and availability.

We also welcome e-mail submissions if you are more comfortable with that.  However, we request you provide as much background info and details as possible so we have the most accurate understanding of you and your experience.

Please accept our gratitude and thank you in advance for your support, time and willingness to share these personal encounters.

Below you will find our contact information to send any questions, submissions, inquiries or to notify us of your interest in telling your story.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Cris August



OC Ghosts & Legends Director
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