SOLVED: The Bizarre Case of Elisa Lam

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Since 2013, the Elisa Lam case captured the attention of paranormal and true crime enthusiasts, conspiracy theorists and web sleuths determined to solve these mysteries while finding justice for the victim.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that behind the strange and bizarre circumstances that makes cases like this truly baffling and addictive, is that there is a real person behind the tragedy. Which in this case is Elisa Lam.

Netflix recently released a long awaited deep dive into the Elisa Lam mystery called “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel


crime scene the vanishing at the cecil hotel netflix

                    Streaming available via Netflix

Those who have followed this case over the years (or even by just watching this limited series), you start to get to know that 21-year old woman behind the mystery. Who she was, her most private thoughts, and the complexity of her mental state….

Perhaps not everyone will be satisfied with the conclusion of this mystery. Maybe that’s because that very mystery and intrigue gave us so much to think about and the possibility that there are forces beyond this world that we just don’t understand. Or maybe because the Cecil Hotel can only be explained as “evil” and lures people to their untimely demise.

Personally speaking. I’m satisfied with the conclusion of this mystery. The data and evidence behind this conclusion is strong. More importantly, it gave much needed closure to what happened to Elisa and awareness to a human condition – mental illness.

May Elisa Lam finally rest in peace.





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