SKINAMARINK Review: Should You Watch It?

skinamarink movie review

Some people will really like this movie because it’s confusing and that’s fun for them. Other people might think it’s an hour and a half of your life you will never get back. Keep reading and I’ll tell you the reasons people might feel one way or the other.

You’re Gay Because of….Ghosts?

hand coming through mist

85% of gay people are possessed by ghosts according to ‘spiritual research” Well, don’t get too excited about using this as an excuse when coming out to your friends and family quite yet….. With the click baity headline I gave this the benefit of the doubt that the article was satire. After looking into the […]

Additional “Evidence” to Prove Haunted Hotel?

Haunted evidence

Additional “evidence” to prove haunted hotel? This hotel room video went viral. Frank Ramirez (the man who posted the original video) made an attempt to create a debunk video of people debunking HIS video. Frank insists fishing line couldn’t be the culprit. The problem(s) with Frank’s debunk video: 1) It’s not the same room 2) […]

The Bracken Fern Manor- “Home Sweet Home”

Bracken Fern Manor

The Bracken Fern Manor- “Home Sweet Home” I swear my experiences with this amazing new family of mine are giving my brain whiplash. As a recent new member, I was instantly thrown into the mix on what I think has been one of the group’s best investigations to date. The Bracken Fern Manor and Tudor […]

“Proof” is a two-way street

Cris August

“Musings of an ‘Open-Minded Skeptic” by: Cris August (Executive Director/Lead Investigator of OC Ghosts and Legends) – May 2016 I am as much of an advocate about being skeptical as the next and believe in the power of logic. I as much as anyone else want to believe something is paranormal, but let’s face it- […]