The Bracken Fern Manor- “Home Sweet Home”

Bracken Fern Manor

The Bracken Fern Manor- "Home Sweet Home"

I swear my experiences with this amazing new family of mine are giving my brain whiplash. As a recent new member, I was instantly thrown into the mix on what I think has been one of the group’s best investigations to date. The Bracken Fern Manor and Tudor House.
Wowza! Not only did the location have a tremendous amount of history, but the activity there was non-stop.

While staying at the manor, I never once felt alone. There was a constant whirlwind of energy going around and yet a feeling of not ever wanting to leave for me, personally. However the energy did feel a bit daunting at times. Overwhelming and at times anxietal.

The back staircase (for me) was probably one of the most anxietal experiences at the Manor. There seemed to have been a rush of energy behind me as I was coming down the back staircase of the Manor. Being last in line is never fun on this staircase. It felt as though there was a very abrupt intense presence behind me- however as soon as I felt it, it intensified by getting stronger and more aggressive.

This was very unnerving, yet it sparked my curiosity to find out who this was. Based on some research, we believe the presence may be a man by the name of William Mckee. Mckee was fatally shot (either on the staircase itself or in very close proximity). However, the facts we found are scattered and a bit inconsistent. Research is still taking place regarding this theory.

Another really impressionable experience I had was at the Tudor House on the stage alongside Cris. We had been sitting on the front of the stage – in the center- for a good 25 minutes. I began to feel a presence to the right and behind me. At the time Roger (our tech guy and investigator) was monitoring the stage via his computer monitor, while he was using an experimental software utilizing the “Kinect Cam”.

I asked Roger if there was anything showing up on the monitor behind me to my right. He validated “yes, there has been a figure hanging out there for the past 10/15 minutes”.

This was extremely exciting as my instinct was being backed up and validated by documented evidence which is a dream of any paranormal investigator. It did not feel at all negative, but it was definitely there and with me.

See/hear that experience right here:

I cannot wait to get back to the Manor and hold the next investigation. This is truly a gem of a location for any paranormal investigator.
Our team was very lucky to have been allowed to hold our investigation there.  It was a case we will never forget.


by OCGL Junior Investigator & Case Manager Brittany Perreira

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