Three Frightful Flicks (For Adults)

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What’s better than curling up to watch a scary movie while the wind howls outside?  With traditional celebrations askew, you may be looking for something under-the-radar to while away the hours. 

Here I have gathered a small collection of titles I like for their ability to reach beyond the normal spooky tropes and leave you thinking. 

Warning: Spoilers (but still worth the watch!)


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Based on a novel, this Swedish movie deals with the idea of first – and true – love.  It begins as a tale of a boy who meets a barefoot girl at a playground. 

From the beginning, Oskar is drawn to the girl, and as the movie progresses, only becomes more and more dedicated to her needs.  Oskar’s life is already punctuated with violence as he is the target of severe bullying at his school.

With her sole provider newly gone, Ely opens up to Oskar and becomes his closest (and only) friend.  Together they form an odd couple, and Oskar becomes part of the violent life he had previously been victim to. 

With the authorities one step behind them and no end to the bloodlust in sight, Oskar is forced to make very complicated choices that may seem familiar to those who have been in love, albeit portrayed in a much more graphic form. 

This movie inspired an American remake that was incredibly faithful to the original and is also worth seeing.


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This is my all-time favorite movie and has been since the day I saw it. 

Third in the trilogy, this movie stars Bruce Campbell as Ash, a crabby and jaded department store worker who gets pulled into a portal to the Middle Ages, along with his 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88. 

Wisecracking his way through battles with evil forces, Ash is faced with ridiculous challenge after challenge as he attempts to save the people of the castle and thereby find his way home to Michigan. 

This movie is filled with puppet-work, 90’s special effects makeup, decent medieval costuming, and Bridget Fonda.

Army of Darkness is a terribly goofy movie, a complete departure from the other movies in this list (and its own prequels), and is a good palate cleanser before the next one I recommend. 


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From 2009, this French indie film juxtaposes a war between vigilante police and a gang of drug dealers with the invasion of the undead. 

This is a brutal flick with a lot of action, and convincingly turns a small housing building into an ample theatre of destruction. 

The movie lulls you into security with its distracting dilemma between the two rival parties before it reminds you that you’re watching a zombie movie with the addition of the hungry undead. 

As it is French, there is no shortage of dark humor, and the camerawork brings you uncomfortably close to the situation.  Fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller that will be sure to make you jump at least once!  The ending is iconic and the reason this is a must-watch in my list.

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