Ways to Make Your Home Appear Truly Haunted for Halloween

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Ways to Make Your Home Appear Truly Haunted for Halloween

As Halloween quickly approaches, many homeowners are hitting the store shelves to find the spookiest decorations possible. While there isn’t anything wrong with simply placing a few jack-o-lanterns outside your home, some want to truly rule the night. Therefore, we’ve compiled some of the best ways to truly make your Halloween decorations the spookiest on the block.

Take It to the Next Level

The best way to take your spooky decorations to the next level this year is to go simple. I know, simple might not be the answer you were looking for but hear us out. Often Halloween decorations are too outlandish to the point where they are comical, even to the youngest of us. Therefore, one of the best ways to truly make your home seem haunted is to layout your decorations in a manner that keeps the visitor guessing if it’s real or not. Spiderwebs within little nook and crannies of a home can be a cheap and effective way to give your home that old haunted mansion feeling to it. Lighting can also play a huge part in the ambiance of both your exterior and interior. There are a variety of light show devices that can produce creepy images of things like hordes of zombies or a spooky little girl staring out of the window.

Don’t Forget the Interior

Nothing brings down the spooky mood then coming up to a haunted house only to see the interior nice and perfect. If you’re the type to entertain on Halloween, it is vital to remember to decorate your interior as well. The best and cheapest way to accomplish this is to purchase some Halloween wallpaper decor. This wallpaper can easily be attached to your walls and truly converts your everyday suburban home into an old 60’s horror film. We’re not done yet. Nothing completes a true haunted house without some spooky dinnerware. Many of the big box stores sell incredible props such as smoky chalices and pitchfork dinnerware.

Things Not to Do

​Although decorating for Halloween can be an enjoyable experience, safety must always be your first priority. Therefore, we thought you could benefit from the list of safety issues that might arise during your time decorating. One of the most common accidents that occur during Halloween are kids as well as adults tripping over decorations. Don’t leave tripping hazards—you want people spooked, not injured. So, don’t make it cluttered to the point that the guest is paying more attention to what’s on the floor than the actual decorations. Consider laying down bright lights that lead them through a path to guide visitors through your yard. This will allow them to understand what sections they can walk through and where they can’t. Also avoid placing hot lights around flammable objects such as decorative hay, leaves, and webs.

Halloween is truly one of the best holidays, and if you’re looking to top all the houses, this year make sure to do so properly and responsibly. So, what are you waiting for? Take the tips listed above and go make the spookiest house on your block.

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