OC Ghosts & Legends is an organization dedicated to and specializing in anomalous and paranormal research.paranormal research.
SINCE 2011

Our team of paranormal specialists investigate privately owned businesses, historical landmarks and private residences for the presence of the paranormal.

Cris August, the leader and director of OC Ghosts & Legends, envisioned an organization that allows for all individuals to further explore their own curiosities with the paranormal. 
To achieve this, we offer public and private ghost tours and events which are conducted by our knowledgeable field investigators.

OC Ghosts & Legends investigates many well known and notorious haunted locations, and continue to work towards identifying “hidden gems” and locations that have yet to be researched and explored.
Our passion is to unfold the rich history and paranormal occurrences that makes each location so unique!

In addition, we are committed to helping anyone dealing with paranormal occurrences and assisting those that may seek answers or closure get the support they need.
Our primary focus is integrity of research and evidence, which sets us apart from other teams. We maintain the highest standards in conduct and collecting evidence, while furthering the field of paranormal research.

We invite you to experience these haunted locations with us by participating in one of our many ghost tours and events!

Cris August


Cris grew up fascinated, yet frightened of all thing’s paranormal in nature. Anything from Ghosts to Extraterrestrials or simply anything unexplained. A self proclaimed ‘open minded skeptic’ and being the contradiction that he is, he would ultimately end up leading a paranormal research team and operating Orange County’s premiere haunted tour & event organization.

In spring of 2011 after meeting former OCGL co-operator Matthew Harvey, the two of them began their quest to build a name for themselves as OC’s ‘go to’ paranormal researchers.  They lived and breathed ‘ghosts and legends.’  The two of them had the privilege to investigate multiple high profile and ‘untouched’ locations as well as assisting families in need who were terrified to sleep in their own beds at night.

In a sudden shift of events, Harvey stepped down from his role as co-operator and lead investigator in early summer of 2014.  Even though Cris and Matt dissolved their business partnership, Matt is still a friend and ally to Cris and OCGL.  Since this split in summer of 2014, Cris has taken leaps in creating substantial growth and exposure for OC Ghosts and Legends publicly and professionally.

Cris has been featured on two major network TV shows:  Travel Channel’s ‘Ghost Adventures’ for the Grand Canyon Caverns as a consultant behind the scenes and as an eyewitness.  As well as ‘Mysteries of The Outdoors’; an episode featuring OCGL’s signature Black Star Canyon.
Cris is also participating, appearing and providing support for various other TV series in development.

Cris had partaken in his own research as well as visiting and studying the history of various haunted locations several years prior to that chance meeting with Matt Harvey in 2011. 
Cris has a non-secular Bachelor’s Degree for the study of Metaphysical Humanistic Science and Anomalous Research while leading his team on paranormal investigations and running haunted tours & events. Cris is also a public speaker and conducts speaking engagements upon request.

” I want to believe – I just haven’t found the proof yet.” – Agent Fox Mulder ( The X-Files)


Cris August: Ghost Hunter, People Helper 

“By day Cris August helps LGBTQ teens. By night he’s a paranormal detective. The theme that flows through Cris August’s life, whether in the darkness of a haunted house or a well-lit office, is about education.”

“It’s eliminating the stigma,” says August, “of any of it.”

Roger Woodcock


Having a mother who was of Osage American Indian decent, Roger grew up in an environment that embraced the spirit world. Throughout his life, he had many experiences that he could not explain away. He is fascinated by the paranormal possibilities and truths that all cultures experience in common, no matter the religious beliefs. Having said that, Roger is also a logical realist that has his beliefs but still wants “proof”. Whether that proof is fit for all or just for himself. In Roger’s own words: “I am a Harley Ridin’, former Sheriff Reservist. I am a Computer Engineer by day, Theater Technical Director at night and recently a paranormal investigator at every opportunity. In my life, I have been a Nuclear Certified High Energy Motor/Generator Repair Specialist. I am Nationally Certified Wilderness Search and Rescue Technician and Instructor(SARTECHII). I was a certified disaster relief worker for the state of California. Served in the Air Force Axillary as a Captain in the Civil Air Patrol(CAP) and provided service to my community as a member of the Orange County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services(RACES). “In a very short time, I have had many recent paranormal experiences while working with the OCGL team. I look forward to the many more to come…” says Roger. Roger interviewed and auditioned for OC Ghosts and Legends in November 2015 and utilizes his skills in tech development and coordinating tech during investigations. Since the time of his on-boarding, Roger has become a pillar to our team.

Diane Pioch


Diane Pioch is a long time veteran of OCGL. Diane has an incredible way of connecting with others and providing compassionate support with her extensive background in the field of paranormal investigation. After a personal leave of absence from 2019-2021, Diane returned to the team with an excitement and eagerness to get back out in the field. As a Senior Investigator, you may find Diane at any one of our many events or tours when she’s not investigating with her OCGL team. Her full time work consists of creating exceptional graphic and branding design. Much of our graphic design work is the work of our very own Diane Pioch. For all your design, branding and marketing needs, Diane Pioch Design will take care of you.

Mike Manney


Mike brings a unique background to the OC Ghosts & Legends team. He is a retired Air Force officer and teacher. He had his first experience with the paranormal at the age of six, when his father was in the Air Force stationed in Clovis, New Mexico. Since that time, he has been fascinated with the paranormal. While stationed in Japan, his interest elevated with paranormal activity occurring in his house and the neighbor’s house as well as the growing popularity of the paranormal reality shows that introduced him to the study of the paranormal. Mike’s first experience with exploring his curiosity with the paranormal was with a ghost tour in Old Town Albuquerque, from that point on the investigating bug took hold. He took part in more events to include the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, the notorious Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA with Nick Groff, the Whaley House in San Diego, CA, and the Steam Ferry Berkeley with OCGL. Mike responded to a field investigation audition to be a member of OC Ghosts and Legends in February 2017 and was offered a position on the team. He has been an integral part of the team since. Mike takes pride in earning his place on the team and is driven to help make OCGL the top paranormal research team in Southern California.

Violet Halub


Raised in Santa Ana CA, Larry has always been interested in the paranormal (especially before the era of sparkling vampires) . His interest in the paranormal fully blossomed with an incident in Santa Barbara involving a possible shadow person, after that incident he became fully enveloped in researching the paranormal. Although he is a ‘believer,’ he’s a skeptic first. He seeks to find a logical or natural conclusion before coming to a remote paranormal conclusion (as he should). Larry joined OCGL in summer of 2016 as a part of our utility crew for investigations. He has been learning and training in the various jobs that go into an investigation including camera and tech setup. While at first Larry may seem quiet and reserved, he’s quite witty with a great sense of humor . A perfect fit for our team! He is a sponge in absorbing information. Larry worked in the security industry for over 7 years. His skills are especially beneficial to camera surveillance and general observation. Since 2016, Larry’s roles and duties with the team have grown including being an investigation report writer, our security detail (unofficially and only half joking) and our collective “big brother” who is sure to tease and give you a hard time (with love of course). He is also OCGL’s only bi-lingual member…… “Shout-out to all of the bilingual spirits” – Larry

Dixie Tantardini


Dixie was born and raised in Orange County, and has had natural abilities since childhood. She is a certified psychic, medium, spiritual healer, animal communicator, ordained minister and has a love and passion for anything paranormal and spiritual. Dixie grew up in a very active haunted house in Fullerton, and has had a variety of paranormal experiences from throughout the years, and yet, is still continuously learning about different realms. She has visited many haunted locations, and one of her favorite activities is helping earthbound souls find their way to the light. Dixie’s goal is to educate people about the paranormal, and help give answers to those with questions about the spiritual realm. Dixie’s communication experience includes: Spirits, Elementals, Star People, animals, mother earth (i.e. trees, plants), and even entire site locations. As of October 2018, Dixie on-boarded as the first official team psychic/medium. It was high time to compliment the OCGL team dynamic with someone who holds other gifts to offer our investigations and clientele. Regardless of one’s view or opinions on psychic abilities, Dixie provides quality guidance and support with her extensive background and education in understanding the spiritual realm. Upon meeting Dixie, her passion for this field and helping people is apparent. Dixie has earned herself to be an integral part of our investigation process as well as being a welcome support and advisor to our guests at our public events.

Larry Zamora


Born and raised in Ventura County, California, Violet grew up with a deep appreciation for learning and preserving history. As a teen, that interest expanded to the paranormal when she volunteered as a docent at a local museum and began experiencing phenomena she could not explain. Her decision to attend college in Montreal, Canada unexpectedly brought her to the paranormal again when she was placed into a first-year dorm that was converted from a former nunnery — complete with a cemetery in the basement directly below her room. A born performer, she earned a BFA in music performance while there, and in her spare time, began taking courses on religion and spirituality, eventually specializing in witchcraft and the occult. Since finishing her degree, Violet has driven across the United States and Canada several times, with routes dictated by the opportunity to visit and investigate as many notoriously haunted locations as possible. Her travels have given her respect for the unknown and an appreciation for the contribution that paranormal interest has brought to the preservation of historical sites. The result is an open mindset when investigating; she is a believer but still very grounded in logic and proof. Violet is a keen observer with a critical role in field documentation during investigations in addition to training as an investigator. With years of customer service experience under her belt, you can also find Violet helping with guest relations and site coordination during events…and sometimes entertaining her groups with fun history and spooky stories. After rigorous interviews and on-boarding with OCGL in October 2022, Violet has quickly proven herself as a pivotal member to our organization. Her enthusiasm and always positive attitude is infectious and we are thrilled to have her on the team.

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