Black Star Canyon

The Original Ghost Tour

SINCE 2011

Arguably Orange County's Most Haunted

Black Star Canyon earns its reputation for its infamous legends and eerie haunts – a reputation well-deserved. When it comes to unraveling the mysteries of this place, OC Ghosts and Legends has years of investigative experience exploring this canyon and it's paranormal phenomena.

We're here to share with you the chilling tales, legendary lore, ghostly encounters, and firsthand experiences from within the canyon.


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7:00 OR 7:30 PM


Silverado Canyon, CA

Embark on an OCGL Black Star Canyon Ghost Walk and delve into the heart of the paranormal.

Join us for a behind-the-scenes journey, exploring the very spots where inexplicable occurrences have unfolded – not only for our team but also for our intrepid guests. Led by OCGL investigator guides, each step is infused with an investigative perspective, offering you an exclusive narrative unavailable anywhere else.


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You won't find any costumed actors here

Since 2011, OC Ghosts & Legends has been dedicated to researching and investigating the mysteries of Black Star Canyon.

While traditional ghost stories and folklore have their allure, our exploration transcends mere tales when you join us for a Black Star Canyon Ghost Walk.

Black Star Canyon Gate

Drawing from our extensive experience spanning years of observation in all its manifestations – from the enveloping darkness to the radiant full moons, from nights abuzz with peculiar phenomena to unsettlingly tranquil ones – we offer narratives that defy imagination.

These accounts stand apart from the familiar canyon legends (though we’ll share those as well), offering you an authentic glimpse into the unexplained phenomena that dwell within its depths.


The Travel Channel’s “Mysteries of the Outdoors” episode on Black Star Canyon drew inspiration from the paranormal theories of OC Ghosts & Legends, who have been investigating the enigmatic depths of this notorious canyon since 2011.

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We did the San Juan Capistrano tour. What a chilling and great tour! Being able to get so close up and walk on to the properties in the tour made it great as well! We absolutely loved it! The history , stories and tips our tour guides Heather and John shared during the tour have me looking at what tour to do next with OC Ghosts and Legends and making sure we have them as our tour guides again. THANK YOU HEATHER AND JOHN!

Lydia K.

Had an excellent experience investigating with this group. Very knowledgeable, prepared and great people. Hope to do something with them again.

Kay D.

We just did a lockdown at Camino Del Rio Playhouse. The place was quite the hot bed of activity. For anyone who is going on an investigation for the first time, I would highly recommend this location. We had a mix of shadow figures, haunted objects, and unexplained phenomenon. The staff, Heather, Roger, Diane and crew, were very professional and helped facilitate the investigation by throwing out ideas on how to investigate and provided a variety of equipment to play with. I can't give enough stars to these guys! This is my second event, first being Bracken Fern Manor, can't wait for our next one.

Terri H.
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