The Star Of India

The World’s Oldest Active Sailing Ship

Embark on a remarkable journey aboard the legendary Star of India, a vessel steeped in captivating history and ethereal mysteries. For over a decade, our intrepid team has delved into the ship’s haunting tales, and now we invite you to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Prepare to be inspired as you explore the decks and immerse yourself in this signature LOCKDOWN experience




8:00 PM- 12:30 AM+/-



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The Star of India holds immense historical significance, we collaborate closely with the maritime museum for scheduling.

We advise a minimum notice of two weeks for your requests. Rest assured, we’ll endeavor to align with your preferred date and time to the best of our ability.

When making your request, kindly furnish us with two or three preferred dates for scheduling your investigation.

Please be aware that prices and timings may fluctuate and are subject to change.


  • At the Ramsey Shipyard in the Isle of Man in 1863, she began to take shape upon the stocks. In an era when iron ships were still novel endeavors, she emerged amidst predominantly wooden vessels. Just five months after her keel was laid, she gracefully embraced the waters. Bearing the name Euterpe, paying homage to the Greek muse of music and poetry, she embarked on her maritime tale.

  • Her maritime journey commenced with two perilous voyages to India. During her maiden voyage, she endured a collision and a mutiny. On the subsequent journey, a cyclone besieged Euterpe in the Bay of Bengal, leaving her with her topmasts severed as she struggled to reach port. Tragically, shortly thereafter, her inaugural captain passed away on board and was laid to rest at sea.

  • Following her tumultuous start, Euterpe found her rhythm and undertook four additional journeys to India as a cargo vessel. In 1871, she was acquired by the Shaw Savill line of London, marking the beginning of a twenty-five-year tenure dedicated to transporting emigrants to New Zealand, occasionally venturing to Australia, California, and Chile. Throughout this period, she completed 21 circumnavigations, some spanning up to a year. Her voyages were arduous.

  • Life aboard Euterpe was particularly challenging for the emigrants confined to her ‘tween deck, subsisting on a diet of hardtack and salted meat, grappling with seasickness and various other ailments. Remarkably, despite these harsh conditions, the mortality rate remained surprisingly low. These resilient individuals, predominantly hailing from the working classes of England, Ireland, and Scotland, proved to be a hardy bunch. Many of them ultimately thrived in New Zealand, overcoming the adversities of their oceanic journey to build prosperous lives.

Join OCGL’s  Cris August and Mike Manney aboard the Star of India, the world’s oldest active sailing ship, as they discuss the history of the ship and embark on an immersive investigation – brought to you by Snippet. 

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Put on some headphones, sit back and listen to some of the best E.V.P’s we’ve captured aboard the Star of India. 

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We did the San Juan Capistrano tour. What a chilling and great tour! Being able to get so close up and walk on to the properties in the tour made it great as well! We absolutely loved it! The history , stories and tips our tour guides Heather and John shared during the tour have me looking at what tour to do next with OC Ghosts and Legends and making sure we have them as our tour guides again. THANK YOU HEATHER AND JOHN!

Lydia K.

Had an excellent experience investigating with this group. Very knowledgeable, prepared and great people. Hope to do something with them again.

Kay D.

We just did a lockdown at Camino Del Rio Playhouse. The place was quite the hot bed of activity. For anyone who is going on an investigation for the first time, I would highly recommend this location. We had a mix of shadow figures, haunted objects, and unexplained phenomenon. The staff, Heather, Roger, Diane and crew, were very professional and helped facilitate the investigation by throwing out ideas on how to investigate and provided a variety of equipment to play with. I can't give enough stars to these guys! This is my second event, first being Bracken Fern Manor, can't wait for our next one.

Terri H.
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