Benton Hot Springs

Once known as “the town without law,” now revealing itself as a haunted town
you never knew existed…until now
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AN OCGL Exclusive Experience

OC Ghosts & Legends is renowned for uncovering obscure haunted sites in the paranormal community. Benton Hot Springs was one such location on our radar, which certainly met expectations.

During 2023, the OCGL team delved into extensive investigations of Benton Springs town and encountered more than anticipated. In a groundbreaking move, OCGL has collaborated with the proprietors of this historic town to provide an exclusive ghost-hunting experience




Pending for 2024




Benton, CA off US 395 30 mins South of Mammoth

Founded in 1862, Benton stands as one of the earliest enduring settlements in Mono County. Once bustling with 5,000 inhabitants, it prospered as a center for silver and gold mining. However, a string of fires in the late 1800s ravaged much of the town, leaving behind eerie echoes of its former vitality in the form of apparitions, sounds, disembodied voices, and footsteps.

Humans have inhabited the now-town site of Benton for millennia. The Paiute people were drawn to the area for its hot springs, both for their spiritual and physical properties. The springs served as an important aspect of purification rites as well as a trade center for neighboring indigenous communities.


With the silver rush in the 1860s, the area then became a crucial stopping point for white settlers and miners traveling to other nearby boomtowns, like Bodie. In 1864, silver was discovered in the hills surrounding Benton and the population quickly ballooned. Benton had a reputation for being “a town without law” with an estimated seventeen murders over the years.

Among the remnants of Benton today stand the historic 1872 Wells Fargo General Store, a cemetery dating back to 1860 housing 132 individuals, the 1905 Wai Wera hotel, a compact three-room Benton jail, several residential homes from the 1800s, remnants of Paiute houses, the 1940s Inn at Benton Springs, and notably, Benton Hot Springs, which played a pivotal role in the town’s establishment.

The hot spring, with a source temperature of 139 degrees Fahrenheit, serves various purposes including drinking, soaking, agricultural irrigation, heating homes and businesses, and providing a serene environment for visitors to enjoy while gazing at the star-filled sky.

Accommodation options

Accommodations feature seven rooms at the Inn, a historic miners cabin, four houses with private hot tubs, and camping w/ 12 private tub sites for overnight use. If you value open spaces, western history, hot springs, and remote settings with uncompromising dark skies; you don’t want to pass on the opportunity to stay on site!
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