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Haunted Ships: Ghosts & Legends

Join OCGL director Cris August and fellow OCGL colleague Mike Manney as they investigate two famously-haunted and legendary ships in this limited series.

Steam Ferry Berkeley is an 1898 steam ferryboat that operated pre-construction of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco and is now known for its “spirited” paranormal activity and is famous for more than one curious, gruesome death.
Star of India is the word’s oldest active sailing ship, built on the Isle of Man in 1863. It has circumnavigated the globe 21 times.

Cris and Mike take you on an authentic “ghost hunt” that is not sensationalized but rather scientifically recorded and documented through modern paranormal investigating technology.  Their devices capture more than a century of energy left within the ships’ decks, some joyous … and some painful. Listen to hear and feel what they experience by themselves on the ships in the middle of the night.

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"Ghosts" Podcast Ep. 4 - OC Ghosts & Legends

A new and immersive storytelling podcast of hauntings, true crime and more.

“Paranormal investigator, Cris August, shares his personal stories of the unexplainable from the Queen Mary to Blackstar Canyon. Cris shares his unique and experienced perspective from what he refers to as an ” open-minded skeptic” as his organization, OC Ghosts and Legends, hits it’s 10 year anniversary.”

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Haunted Black Star Canyon with S.I.U. & OC Ghosts & Legends

Supernatural Investigation Unit (S.I.U.) teams up with Cris August and Mike Manney of OC Ghosts & Legends to investigate the legends of Black Star Canyon.  This was Adam’s first introduction to Black Star Canyon and the guys got a lot more than they bargained for.

A Spirited Adventure: Facing My Fear of Ghosts Led to a Revelation

Orange Coast Magazine

You should do it,” said my husband, Michael.

“It” was a fun thing turned scary: a tour of old San Juan Capistrano with a close encounter of the ghost kind.

Blame an article I’d read about Orange County Ghosts and Legends, the who-ya-gonna-call folks in O.C.

Their ongoing mission: Explore the area’s stranger things. They have the latest, super-sensitive, spirit-detecting equipment and aren’t afraid to use it.

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New City, New Spirits

Paranormal Perception returns for its 3rd season! As Henry and the show are now in a new city, he welcomes Cris August, Director of OC Ghosts & Legends to the show.  

Ghost Stories w/Rob Hanson:
LIVE on KTOX AM 1340

Rob Hanson with Ghost Stories AM 1340 invited OC Ghosts & Legends on air for another evening of ghost stories, paranormal theories, findings and other real bizarre head scratching events.

Jump in with host Rob Hanson who is live at KTOX AM 1340 studio: Kicking off the segment is OCGL director Cris August in the first hour.

Second hour, additional core member Roger Woodcock shares his experiences.

In the final hour, Larry Zamora has his go talking about this experiences with OC Ghosts and Legends. 

Visit Rob Hanson’s website for future broadcasts HERE

Radio Underland featuring Cris August

Radio Underland invites OCGL’s Director Cris August to come on the show with a no holds barred interview about ghosts, legends and everything in between.

*Viewer discretion is advised*

Ghosts, Legends & Cocktails

“Cocktail Hour at the GEM” featuring Damien Lorton and Nicole Cassesso with special guest Cris August of OC Ghosts & Legends.

OC Ghosts & Legends had the rare and exclusive opportunity to investigate the historic GEM theater in from 2016-2019.   Cris shares the experiences of the OCGL team during their investigation. Damien and Cris dig in to the haunted lore and legends of historic San Juan Capistrano and more!

"Investigators with a ghost of a chance"

By Jim Tortolano (OC Tribune) 

We’ve been keeping this one a secret for a long time. What does a mexican restaurant, Elvis & OC Ghosts and Legends have in common? The OC Tribune sits with our team to unveil our pending investigation of a beloved local restaurant in Garden Grove, CA.

“Well, who you gonna …. No, wait. Not gonna do it. “We’ve been called ‘Ghostbusters’ more than we care to remember,” said Cris August, head paranormal investigator for OC Ghosts and Legends, a group that spends a lot of time looking into the not-quite explainable.

Representatives of the group were recently in Garden Grove looking into ghost stories in the city’s downtown area, specifically the Azteca Mexican Restaurant…”

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Ep. 36: OC Ghosts & Legends Interview at The Oman House | Paranormal Investigation

“We had the opportunity to sit down and meet the paranormal team , OC Ghosts & Legends.  They were leading and hosting a huge ghost hunt at The Oman House on April 13, 2019.  Tune in to learn about their views on investigating the paranormal and how to pursue a career in the paranormal field.  Lets discover the unknown with OC Ghosts and Legends!” 

You may also listen to the episode over at Hollyweird Paranormal HERE


“If you’ve even wondered what it’s like to hang out with a team of Ghost busters, this is the episode for you!   You might also be surprised to learn that Southern California is teeming with paranormal activity!’ 

OCGL Director Cris August joins Ciaran of Supernatural Travel Tales in this one-on-one Paranormal discussion

“Ghostbusters and Paranormal Lockdowns in the OC.” – Season 1 Episode 19

Haunted Places in Orange County

Parenting OC magazine reached out to OC Ghosts & Legends for their Halloween 2018 issue to give them the scoop on some of the most notable locations in Orange County, as well as detailing some of the bizarre phenomena.

“Orange County and surrounding areas are host to many stories of ghosts and hauntings. The historical nature of these locations gives parents a unique opportunity to offer their children a fun environment to learn about the past… And don’t worry, your kids don’t need to hear all the gory details. “

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Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson:
KTOX Radio AM 1340

Featuring OCGL’s Director, Cris August: Episode 8

OC Ghosts and Legends director and lead investigator returns to the airwaves with Rob Hanson for another great 2 hours of talking personal ghost encounters, theories on the paranormal, haunted places and more!

In the second hour, Rob and Cris August are joined by fellow paranormal colleague and founder of Route 66 Paranormal, Lyle Sharmin.  
Lyle and Cris get into some engaging discussion about the current state of paranormal investigation and common investigation mistakes and

For more “Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson” visit HERE

Q&A: Orange County Paranormal Investigator Talks About Local Ghostly Activity

“In the popular imagination, Orange County tends to conjure images of sunny suburbs and feuding housewives, not haunted mansions and shadowy valleys. But as paranormal investigator and director of OC Ghosts and Legends, Orange County resident Cris August has had more than a few paranormal experiences in the area.

OC Ghosts and Legends has been leading tours, investigations and events since 2011, exposing the history and darker side of the county.

August spoke to Halloween Every Night about his organization, Orange County history and investigations.

KTOX AM 1340 Radio - LIVE

Host Rob Hanson talks with OC Ghosts and Legends Director and Lead Investigator Cris August – the two discuss their most interesting paranormal experiences, theories and take calls from listeners. In the last hour, Cris provides evidence samples from various investigations that are mind boggling.

Hear the behind the scenes stories behind each of them.

OC Ghosts and Legends Presents History, EVPs, and Ghostly Tales of San Juan Capistrano

Review written by Nicole Cook

An excellent write-up of the exclusive and limited presentation of ‘ Ghosts and Legends of San Juan Capistrano: LIVE’

This engagement took place at the haunted Camino Real Playhouse on Feb. 10th, 2017

Read full blog HERE

"Beyond Science" Pilot

A trailer for a pilot episode:  “Beyond Science”

Based on a true story : Cris August of OC Ghosts and Legends (as himself) assists Blanca in understanding strange phenomena taking place inside her home.

Is Blanca merely misunderstanding the intent behind the alleged spiritual encounters or should she be concerned of something more sinister? Check it out

“Beyond Science” by Origo Media
All Rights Reserved

The Three Donas of Los Rios St.

Featuring Cris August, paranormal investigator and Director of OC Ghosts and Legends. 

Cris August and Susan Burns (of So Cal Ghosts and Folklore) break down the stories and legends of La Llorona, The Phantom of Del Obispo, Dona Polonia Montanez, the infamous Modesta Avila and more!  

San Juan Capistrano is one of the most haunted places in California – with stories about black dogs, women in white, glowing orbs, strange noises and lonely figures being told in almost every part of town…

For more details and to visit So Cal Ghosts and Folklore, go HERE

"Walking With Ghosts"

By: Allison Jarrell

Feature editorial on our presence in San Juan Capistrano for the Halloween edition of the Capistrano Dispatch News.

City Editor Allison Jarrell followed us on a ghost tour and exclusive investigation at one of San Juan’s most historical landmarks.


 OC Weekly followed Cris Augustof OC Ghosts and Legends while he led a tour group on their Black Star Canyon Ghost Walk. 
Get a sneak peak of of this haunted experience

"Moments in Time: The Spirit of the Vintage"

by Jan Siegel

“Ghost stories abound in San Juan Capistrano. The newest addition to our ghost lore comes from The Vintage Steakhouse. The fact that the restaurant sits in what was once a train compartment is a significant part of this tale. Some of the employees and guests of The Vintage say they have been “haunted” by the ghost of Modesta Avila.”

Read on….

OC Ghosts and Legends is the first and only anomalous research team to conduct multiple investigations at the Vintage Steakhouse.  We invited Jan Siegel who wrote this piece to get an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes of an actual investigation.

KX 93.5 FM- Morning Scramble
w/Tyler & Jason

Tyler and Jason of KX 93.5 FM requested a special tour of Black Star Canyon for their annual Halloween episode which aired LIVE on the radio. Of course, we were happy to oblige. Fortunately- these guys got more than they bargained for. 

During this segment, they recap the events of that evening. We had a lot of fun.

Crypto Country Courier:
Black Star Canyon

Jeff Heimbuch of wrote a feature article about his Black Star Canyon Ghost Walk experience. Must read!

Pacific Coast Spotlight feature

Miaira Jenning’s with Pacific Coast Spotlight joins Cris August for an exclusive look into the legendary Black Star Canyon

Noisy Cavern Podcast

The guys of Noisy Cavern podcast invited Cris to talk about Orange County Ghosts and Legends. Listen in to some goofy banter, ghost stories, discussion about The Grand Canyon Caverns and “The Rake?”  

*Warning- Strong Language*

Plug In with Avi & Kyle- Visual Radio Show

Avi & Kyle chat with the man behind Orange County Ghosts and Legends-Cristopher August.

They discuss all things Ghosts, Legends and Paranormal.

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