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Engage, Explore and “Challenge Belief”
An Experience With Cris August

Drawing upon more than 15 years of experience conducting field investigations as an anomalous and paranormal researcher, Cris August brings a fresh, logical, and balanced perspective to the intriguing realm of the paranormal.


Under his guidance, OC Ghosts & Legends (OCGL) has emerged as one of the most respected and trusted paranormal organizations in Southern California and beyond.

How is Cris and OCGL different?

Cris’s content stimulates thought and inspiration, encouraging participants to reassess their perceptions and beliefs regarding the spirit realm, regardless of their position on the belief spectrum. As a captivating and dynamic speaker, Cris seamlessly blends the realms of entertainment and education. He presents real field evidence to captivate believers and pique the curiosity of non-believers, all while emphasizing critical thinking for skeptics and imparting analytical skills to those who perceive everything through a paranormal lens.

Cris has been featured in several major network TV shows including Travel Channels’ “Ghost Adventures” and “Mysteries of the Outdoors.”

Cris is also regularly sought out by productions in development for consulting or appearances.

Other media mentions to Cris’ credit:

Original series podcast “Ghosts & Legends – Haunted Ships” podcast

“Ghosts” podcast

KX 93.5 AM Radio

KTOX 1340 AM radio

Radio Underland

Featured in: Orange County Register, OC Weekly, Capistrano Dispatch, Orange Coast Magazine, Horror Buzz, OC Tribune, Parenting OC, Pacific Coast Spotlight and more.

5 Reasons to Book Cris:

He brings tangible field expertise –  Everyone delights in a captivating ghostly tale. Cris brings forth a wealth of firsthand encounters from the field, along with shared team experiences.

Smooth Collaboration, No Fuss – Cris is a hassle-free, high-quality speaker, making him a joy to collaborate with. The ease of working with Cris (and OCGL) consistently earns us repeat invitations from clients and fosters flourishing relationships.

Versatile for Every Setting – No venue is beyond reach, whether grand or intimate. From historical societies and corporate functions to event centers, conventions, educators, associations, and private residences, Cris effortlessly adapts to any environment, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

Cris Captivates his Audience – Every presentation is tailored to the specific audience Cris addresses. Whether speaking to teenagers, millennials, baby boomers, or any demographic in between, Cris’s keynotes strike a chord across ages, industries, and professions. With his adept ability to engage, entertain, and educate, Cris delivers impactful experiences that resonate deeply with his listeners.

Seasoned and Scholarly – In a time where terms like “ghost hunter” or “paranormal investigator” are often used loosely, Cris stands apart. With over 15 years of hands-on field experience, coupled with a distinguished Bachelor’s Degree Cum Laude (with Honors) in Metaphysical Humanistic Science and Anomalous Research, Cris brings both practical expertise and academic rigor to his work. Committed to ongoing

education, he is currently pursuing a Master’s in Paranormal Science, ensuring he remains at the forefront of his field.

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