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On-Boarding Status:

At this time, we are not actively on-boarding team members.  Although we don’t have any openings, we welcome interested applicants to submit their application which we will keep on file should there be a future opening or if there is an immediate need and/or exception.

Do you have what it takes?

OC Ghosts & Legends is an exclusive team of individuals.  We keep our team tight and everyone here earns their place through their skill, time and contribution to our organization.  When considering a new team member, we factor in a variety of things that may or may not make you an ideal candidate for our team.

If you take the time to fill out an application, please note that we review each and every one thoroughly.  

We are seeking the following:

Investigators (we will train the right people), tech handlers, tour guides,  audio analysts, social media handlers, historical research, event coordination, etc.


Please Note:  All team member positions are voluntary. Unless you are applying for the role of a tour guide , there is no compensation for team participation as an investigator or all other team positions/roles.  Applicants must be age 21+

For Questions:
[email protected]

OC Ghosts and Legends Team Member Application

OC Ghosts and Legends is an organization dedicated to and specializing in anomalous and paranormal research. We keep our family small and value the respect and integrity we have earned in this field.

What’s unique about our team, it that no matter what position you are seeking, every team member will be immersed in the team dynamic.  Whether you are an investigator, tour guide,researcher, photographer, etc ; your role is critical to our operation.  The OCGL family is close and we support each other by participating and being a part of the team experience via investigations, tours, tradeshows, meetings, etc.  You will learn to understand this field and business by being involved and fulfilling your duties – no matter what your role.

All individuals offered a place on our team start under a 90 day probationary period to assess ones participation, professionalism, willingness to learn and reliability. We also reserve the right to terminate membership at any time.

We have a strict NO “all play no work” policy. What we do actually requires time and commitment to the field. The work we do goes well beyond the investigation. The before and after is what’s critical.
If you are someone who just wants to go “play” and attend investigations and not do the pre and post investigation tasks, a position in this field or in this organization is probably not for you.  This is the #1 cause for anyone being terminated from the team. We invest time and resources into training our team members. When you invest in us, we invest in you.  We ask that you take all the above statements into strong consideration before submitting.

All on-boarding team members must be willing to sign waivers of liability, non- disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

With all of that being said, we look forward to reviewing your application. If you appear to be a fit for us, we will be in contact with you. We also encourage you to follow up if you have not received a reply within 5-7 days (sometimes we get really busy).

Good Luck!