Arguably Orange County's most haunted.0

Black Star Canyon is notorious for it’s legends and haunts- rightfully so.

Nobody knows better than OC Ghosts and Legends –  we’ll let you in on the tales, legends, ghost stories and true experiences of the canyon.






7:00 OR 7:30 PM



Stay At The Manor

The best part is the opportunity to book one of the limited rooms in the manor with other curious spirit seekers.  The manor will be exclusive to OC Ghosts and Legends for the night, so at the end of our investigation we will all retreat to our rooms while we attempt to rest our heads after a long night of investigating.  Just because we are retiring for the night, does not mean the spirits of the manor do.  In fact, some of the disturbing experiences we had took place in the middle of the night when we retired to our designated rooms. Doors were closing, screams were heard and footsteps down the halls.  It never stopped.

*You are not required to book a room in the manor to participate in the investigation. 
You may purchase single investigation pass*

Arrive dressed up in your finest “Roaring 20’s attire!” The Bracken Fern Manor and Tudor House are both historic properties dating back to the 1920’s during prohibition and when it was mob run. Immerse yourself in this historic environment with us and take a step back in time while we seek to communicate with the spirits of this haunted property. *costume attire is not required to attend but we strongly encourage it!*

SOLITARY challenge

You will be left isolated in a space we designate for 15 minutes
No flashlights, no phones: Just YOU and the darkness.

Guests are given 1 entry into the SOLITARY Challenge drawing with each ACCESS Pass purchase.

*BONUS* entries when booking a room in the manor. TWO winners will be drawn. Should the winner(s) decide NOT to take the challenge, another drawing will take place.

(This is an OPTIONAL activity – participants MUST have a LOCKDOWN Access Pass to be eligible)


Public LOCKDOWN Event

Important Information

Please be advised that all guests who are staying in the Manor will be participating in the investigation until we conclude for the evening (approx 1:30 am). Checkout is at 11:00 AM No one under the age of 13 is permitted. Anyone under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Downtown Lake Arrowhead is just a few miles away with additional lodging in the case that there are no more rooms available in the Manor (Or if you’re too scared to stay the night 😉

Bracken Fern Encounter

There were footsteps above us coming from the second floor and we froze. Radios suddenly gave off strange static interference which never had taken place at any time throughout the investigation until that moment. It was truly an eerie moment.

What is moving in there?

We love to leave audio recorders and video cameras running when we leave a location to sit without any people around. There is something eerie about seeing and hearing things when there is no human contamination. This was recorded during the 2020 Annual LOCKDOWN event.

We weren't alone

Many of us heard disembodied footsteps on the stage.  It was truly eerie. The Tudor House basement in which the Ghost Adventures Crew deemed to be housing a negative entity. We don’t have to tell you how creepy it is down there….you will see

Bracken Fern Manor Rooms

Room “Activity” rating system We have rated each available room based on it’s reported and documented haunted history.


Moderately Active

Very Active

Which room will you choose?

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Heather is known as the Honeymoon Suite.
Staff at the Manor reported a hammer being thrown in this room about 5 feet toward the bathroom.
A housekeeper reported she was standing beside the bed, and her ankle was grabbed by something under the bed. When she looked, there was nothing there.

Staff and guests have reported hearing loud crashing noises coming from this room at night. The energy of this room generally feels comfortable–in the daytime.
Guests have also reported not feeling alone in this room. Feeling they are being watched and hearing the sound of footsteps pacing back and forth in the hallway outside their door. The source behind Heather’s mystery is anyone’s guess– your stay in this room just may add to her legend.

So lay down, relax and if your ankles are touched take a peek under the bed…..

Fern is also known as the bridal suite, with high vaulted ceilings and is a mirror image of ‘Heather’ room. Fern features an extra large bathroom with a bathtub. Sleeping 2 with a queen bed. Two of our investigators thought they would have a peaceful stay in the manor’s most spacious room. They had no idea they would be jolted awake multiple times throughout the evening with loud crashes against the wall above their heads. These events were actually recorded and documented. Just as they attempted to return to sleep, they sat up in confusion and heard what sounded like someone pacing the hallways. They got up to check outside their door–there was no one.

The most notorious room in the manor

**Not Available to Book**
Will be accessible during the LOCKDOWN

Jasmine comfortably fits two people with a king sized bed.

Reports have told us that a man by the name of Ralph who was the caretaker of the Manor at the time, was thrown out the front window of this room- plummeting to his death. Allegedly, this was caused after he was falsely accused of having a relationship with Lilly (the Madam of the Manor).  It was told that Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel had his mobster thugs handle his dirty work for him of discarding Ralph out the window and onto the street where was then trampled by a wagon.

His presence seems to still be lingering in this room and is reported quite frequently. Many sense the emotional anguish that this man had as he was allegedly murdered with false pretense.  Many have a very strong reaction to this room with strong feelings of heaviness, being lightheaded and sometimes anxiety.

Jasmine room is rated to be one of the most ‘active’ rooms in the manor, if not the most active room.
Due to the high levels of activity in this room, Jasmine room is not bookable at this time. Don’t worry though…..
Jasmine room will be open for the LOCKDOWN


Ivy is the only room located on the first floor, directly attached to the lobby/living room.

She sleeps 2 with 2 single beds (one is a pull out).
It’s reported that this room was home to an 8 year old little boy named “Ryan” who was the son of one of the girls of the manor.
Our team captured a potential Class A E.V.P. (electronic voice phenomena) in this room of what sounds like that of a child or an adult female.

Guests from previous events have documented possible E.V.P communication with the little boy in this room.

Feeling the presence of a child in this room is reported to be a regular occurrence and we feel he is of a very sweet and playful nature. He seems to be fond of motherly soft women.
Be sure to offer up some toys for Ryan to play with during your stay. Oh– and hide your keys.

Violet is one of the manors most famous rooms.
Sleeping 2 with 2 twin beds, she is not very fond of the gentleman unless you are of a loving and caring nature. Conflicting reports state that Violet either committed suicide in this bedroom or was murdered by her lover. Her presence is legendary in terms of the manor, and she was very well liked by the men that had the pleasure of enjoying her company.

Other reports from male guests have been that they feel her presence or they are touched in the middle of the night.

It is suspected that Violet and Lilly were very close while residing here.
(Their rooms are located next to each other)

So while you stay in this room, be kind to Violet and she just may return the favor……maybe.

Lilly resides on the 2nd floor and sleeps 2, with 2 single beds (one is a pull out). Lilly was known to be the Matron of the manor and is very protective of her ‘ladies of the night.’

We are learning that the activity that takes place in Lilly room is greatly dependent on who is staying in it.  Some report a peaceful sleep and others report  strange disturbances.  We are giving Lilly a 2 star activity rating for this reason – you just never know.

Respect Lilly’s girls and she just may respect you…
Our team documented the bathroom light turning on and off without explanation. You may still hear the subtle footsteps outside your door of the manors ‘soiled doves’ traveling through the halls. All in a night’s work 

Dahlia & Daisey are TWO adjoining rooms which sleeps (4) people and a shared bathroom between them.

Perfect for a family or group of friends wanting to be in close company.
Daisy & Dahlia are right in the middle of all the action as they are located at the top of stairs on 2nd floor.

Daisy consists of a queen size bed and Dahlia has a twin bed with a pull out bed underneath it.

When the manor used to be a daily bed ‘n breakfast, guests staying in Dahlia & Daisey drew sketches of an eerie woman whom they claim they saw an apparition of.  These sketches were submitted unrelated to the other and years apart.

A more recent guest of ours reported seeing such a woman in her dreams…..
Who is this woman?

Rose is one of the largest second floor rooms.
If you seek a room with little ‘disturbance’  and for a more restful sleep, Rose would be a good bet.

This room sleeps 2 with a king sized bed. Rose is considered to be one of the more ‘docile’ rooms, but we make no guarantees.

Camille is a safer bet for a “quiet” and restful night during your stay.  HOWEVER, there have been some who beg to differ.

Paranormal occurrences have been very minimal in this room (generally speaking). This room will comfortably sleep 2 people with it’s two twin beds. 

You could fit a twin air mattress in between the two beds, but it will be a tight squeeze.

Located centrally on the 2nd floor in the middle of all the action.   
Camille is a personal favorite to our team as we view this room as a bit of a sanctuary from the spiritual shenanagins elsewhere in the manor.


We had the great pleasure of inviting Tammie Merheb-Chavez of Hollyweird Paranormal to a prior event where she highlighted the action of this incredible LOCKDOWN experience.  It was a sold out event which left many with more questions than answers when it came down to the strange encounters we experienced.  Take a listen to the episode.

A beautiful drive up the mountains edge.   Breath taking views overlooking San Bernardino County. The captivating winding road leading you down a quaint dirt road engulfing your soul with greenery and nature. You are pulled back in time when approaching a stunning bed and breakfast. You walk in the door, check into your room and truly soak in a time that is no longer ours. A time that was theirs.
The walls; theirs. The wood beneath your feet; theirs. The lingering air that passes through each door frame and corridor; theirs. You close your eyes and expel all tensions as you melt in their time in this world. This is what the Bracken Fern Manor and Tudor House brings to you.

A sense of time travel. A portal into their lives, their emotions, their world.

Throughout the 1800’s the land was known to have occupied numerous Native American tribes. Among them we believe the Paiute and Shoshone people were to have been the two tribes that inhabited the land due to economical prosperity. The land was plentiful due to the aquifers that ran from the lake, allowing for growth of plants and an abundant water source.

Having opened on July 4th, 1926 the Bracken Fern Manor was originally known as “The Crib” while the Tudor House formerly known as “Club Arrowhead of the Pines” became a social hideaway for Hollywood’s elite. The Manor- This 10 room, 10 bathroom manor featured 2 patios, dining room, living room, library and sauna. It was said to have been used as a brothel during prohibition while The Tudor House was used to house illegal gambling, liquor and other illegal pastimes.
Infamous mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel was said to have funded the construction and built the locations as a sanctuary of escape for Hollywood’s big wigs and Mob members. The Tudor house having an olympic sized swimming pool and bathhouse was the perfect place to escape from the overwhelming summer’s heat. These social hot spots were considered a safe haven for illegal activity during prohibition and was known to have seen numerous deaths as well. Alleged deaths of a caretaker by the name of Ralph being thrown from the third story window to the suspected murder or claimed suicide of Violet a working girl linger within these walls forever leaving their story and mark in history.

OC Ghosts and Legends was fortunate to hold multiple investigations at both locations. The energy of these past lives was at times both welcoming and overwhelming. Unexplained footsteps could be heard walking the halls of the second and third floors while all members of our team were bunkered down at base camp on the first floor. EMF devices, including our REM Pod, triggered heavily throughout the evening . The feeling that someone was watching you was constant and gave us more reason to keep documenting to gain as much evidence as we could. The sound of someone walking while nobody was moving was recorded on numerous recording devices. A Class A EVP of a something/someone calling out an investigators name in Ivy’s room downstairs. Most notably, the chilling experiences two investigators had in Ralph’s room on the 3rd floor shook up our evening to say the least.

It’s one thing to have one after the other of personal experiences but to be able to back those experiences up with evidence is another. As a group that is what we strive to do. To educate, to experience, to document and support the claims.

We were already overwhelmed by our experiences in the manor, and we hadn’t even begun to investigate the Tudor House! Using new experimental technology, we utilized a kinect cam to detect and identify anomalies that could be seen on our screen monitor in real time. This validated an investigators strong feeling that something was sitting beside her on the Tudor House stage. Our tech had been watching her for 10 minutes without saying a word- she then asked if the program was detecting anything to her side. It was…..

Many of us heard disembodied footsteps on the stage. It was truly eerie.
The Tudor House basement in which the Ghost Adventures Crew deemed to be housing a negative entity.  We don’t have to tell you how creepy it is down there….you will see.

As your visit comes to an end, you pack up your belongings and retreat down the main staircase where you will soon leave time behind you. Time of laughter, liquor, gambling. Time of death, conspiracies and secrets. You check out at the front desk and carefully load up your car. As you slowly retreat down the steep driveway you feel a sense of longing; being watched. The individuals from the past still reside at the Bracken Fern Manor and Tudor House, and they long for their next visitor.

Bracken Fern Manor

Tudor House

Guest Reviews

This was a great tour, we had a wonderful time and learned so much about the history and it was a great experience. Our guide was amazing and very passionate about what he does. Definitely recommend!

Sohil M. Yelp

I went with some family on a private tour at the end of December in Black Star Canyon. We had an awesome time! This was out first time going on a ghost tour, and I am definitely going to book another tour. Cris was awesome and very informative. Only one of us experienced something supernatural, but I have my hopes up to see something next time. Thanks Cris for the awesome experience.

Nick G. Yelp

I had such an amazing time on the SJC tour, Cris was great!! I can't wait to go on the Black Star Canyon tour next. I highly recommend taking a tour with the Orange County Ghost and Legends Team, it's an experience you'll never forget!!

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