Is Your Location Haunted?

Our roots and primary function as a paranormal organization is to investigate reported haunted locations locally and abroad.

Our roots and primary function as a paranormal organization is to investigate reported haunted locations locally and abroad.  As a haunted tour and events organization, we use these events as a medium to educate the public about the paranormal and anomalous research.  With that comes conducting field investigations and collecting evidence and or/data to either validate the paranormal claims , or in some situations concluding the events have a natural (non-paranormal) explanation. Just about any kind of environment can have signs or evidence of paranormal activity.  The following examples below display the general scope of locations we investigate:

residential category
historic category
commercial category
apartment category
corporate category
land category
industrial category

Our resume of investigations ranges from private homes, restaurants, high-profile celebrity estates, historic theaters, a 65 Million year old cavern-230 feet below the earths surface, the oldest active sailing ship in the world as well as  Orange Counties most notorious haunted canyon.

We search the state and country over for new and unique locations,  However sometimes our best intel comes from YOU- our guests and/or clients.   We want to hear from YOU- or please refer your friends.

Client confidentiality and privacy  is of the up-most importance to us if that is what you request- no questions asked.  If you call upon us to consider taking a case at your establishment and do not want it publicized in any form,  you can sleep comfortably as the case will be deemed ‘classified.’  It will not be made public.

If you are experiencing strange events in your life that perhaps you cannot explain, or events in your home are creating discomfort or turmoil – we may be able help in figuring out the nature or cause of these encounters .

We often have found that the best remedy for our clients is simply education.  Arming yourself with knowledge and confidence to own your space- we can help you do that.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns, we are here to help and walk you through it.  Do you have a lead for a potential haunted venue?  We want to hear from you.

How it works:  Not every report or inquiry warrants an investigation.  In some situations we can assist via telephone, in person or via e-mail.   Once we receive communication from you we will get back to you in a timely manner and ask some questions about your case.  We may request a phone call or inquire about setting up a time to meet with you at your convenience and do a walk through of the location.  This will assist in gathering information and/or interviewing relevant individuals to the case.   After those basic protocols are established, we will work with you on determining the next step.

** While we do not charge a fee for our investigative services – we welcome and appreciate donations of your choosing for our time, travel, accommodations  and/or services- but not required**