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San Juan Capistrano, CA

level three badge The Camino Real Playhouse in historic San Juan Capistrano has lived many lives dating back to the early 1900’s.  Located in the heart of old town San Juan Capistrano, nearby the oldest occupied neighborhood in California, Los Rios Street.

What began our love and fascination for theaters, OC Ghosts & Legends was and is the first and only organization to investigate this community staple.  The Playhouse exceeded any expectations we had and we deem this haunted hot spot one of our most E.V.P. (electronic voice phenomena) heavy locations.

Our earliest investigations took place in early 2015 – we kept going back.  After completion of multiple investigations and obtaining substantial evidence, we presented the Camino Real Playhouse with the acknowledgement (seen right) of being a “haunted landmark.”

Available For Private Booking
San Juan Capistrano, CA
What's Included

Exclusive access to the haunted Camino Real Playhouse for your very own ghost investigation led by members of the OCGL team.  Nobody knows the haunted happening’s of the Playhouse like we do.  We’ll guide you every step of the way showing you the ropes and give you backstage insight (no pun intended) to what makes this theater a haunted landmark.

4.5 - 5 hours of investigating

Also; pre-walkthrough of the building, brief history overview, investigating 101, equipment overview, Q & A

Field Equipment

Various investigative equipment will be made available including (but not limited to): EMF devices, Spirit Boxes, Laser Grids, Audio Recorders, SLS Device, Trigger Objects, Ovilus and Portal communication devices + more

Investigative Experiments

Participate in tested experiments to attempt spirit communication such as the “Estes Method,” our very own “OC Method,” Live EVP listening, Spirit Box communication +others

The clip above describes the moment we captured one of our most profound E.V.P’s (electronic voice phenomena).  This is what we could classify as a “Class A EVP.”   Listen for yourself

Listen to additional samplings of some amazing E.V.P’s we have captured at the Playhouse.  Will we be adding one of yours to the archive?

OCGL hosted YouTube ghost hunting duo Mackie and Amanda for their very own opportunity to investigate our haunted San Juan Capistrano staple, the Camino Real Playhouse.
They got more than they bargained for and so much great feedback in viewer comments.  Check it out!

OCGL team members present: Roger Woodcock, Diane Pioch and Heather Fiore.

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Customer Reviews

Thank you @ocghostsandlegends for an amazing night paranormal investigating! Your team is amazing (kinda want to be a part of it). We have investigated a lot of places but this one is in the top 3 for sure! Can't wait for the next investigation!
Brittini Paige
Very fun and knowledgeable! I highly recommend anybody give this a try and keep an open mind. See and learn cool things. Thank you Cris for giving an awesome tour and for keeping an open mind about my gift and my personal experiences.
Chelsea F.
Had an amazing time. Our tour guide was the best can't wait for our next adventure. Booked a party of 8 for my birthday ages 15-46.
Cassandra F.