Colossal cave

Presenting an EXCLUSIVE new ghost investigation experience

Vail, Arizona

Colossal Cave Lockdown

OC Ghosts & Legends presents to you an exclusive new and original LOCKDOWN Experience.  The Colossal Cave is one of the largest dry caves in North America.
Pitch dark tunnels, incredible ancient geological rock formations.  The Colossal Cave was inhabited by humans for centuries dating back as early as 900-1450 A.D.
We can tell you, it does not get darker than a cave.  Face your fears with this intimate LOCKDOWN Experience – Do spirits of ancient humans roam this natural wonder?
Join us and find out!


$70 General (subject to change)




5:00 PM MTN


Vail, Arizona

Colossal LOCKDOWN Access Pass

Exclusive Access

Includes: 4+ hour ghost investigation of the Colossal Cave in the pitch dark led by OC Ghosts & Legends

Investigation will include use of: K-II meters, spirit boxes/ITC devices, REM-Pod(s), Portal
devices, SLS device and more!
*No one under the age of 16 will be permitted – minors must be accompanied by an adult*

Overview of Itinerary

  • 2:00 pm -4:30 pm (optional): Visit the Colossal Cave Mountain Park property early; take the historical cave tour led by the Colossal Cave guides.  A concession stand is on property for food/snacks, refreshing drinks and their signature “Prickly Pear Margarita” at the Terrace View Cafe (last cave tour departs at 4:00 pm) Note: *Concessions and historical cave tour sold separately on property*

  • 4:30 pm – 5:00 pm:  Official OCGL LOCKDOWN event check-in on property

  • 5:00 pm -5:45 pm:  Introduction of general history, ghost legends, safety review,  basic investigation 101

  • 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm:  LOCKDOWN investigation inside the cave.

  • 10:00 pm – 10:30 pm:  Investigation Debrief, sharing of experiences, closing remarks
Colossal Cave Mountain Park


The big city of Tucson, Arizona is just shy of 20 minutes away from the Colossal Cave!  If a road trip is not your speed, Tucson airport is a great spot to fly in.

There are various lodging accommodations to choose from in Tucson in addition to restaurants, shops, fuel, etc.