A Guide To Spiritual Protection

Featured in this blog, you’ll find the tools needed to help you feel secure all year ’round with practices to assist you in feeling grounded.  These can be used anytime, anywhere and by anyone



What is Spiritual Protection?


Spiritual protection can be many things or a combination of things. It is when you either, call upon any spiritual guide, angel, god, or any positive universal power, use an energetic protective shield, or utilize an object.


Why is Spiritual Protection Necessary?


In this world today there are many physical and non-physical energies that are searching for an energy source to attach to for nourishment, and if we don’t protect ourselves, we could unknowingly pick up entities and energies that get sucked into our auras and drain us, making us feel tired, unmotivated, depressed and exhausted. If the aura is weak or not protected, it’s easier for these energies to lock into us, and possibly cause negative influences in our lives.


Understanding Your Aura


All of the physical objects in the world around us are made up of molecules, and all of the molecules are made up of energy. There are many ways to describe or explain auras, but in general terms, an aura is an energy field that emanates from all molecules.
Therefore, auras are present around everything, including people, animals, plants, and even inanimate objects (e.g., crystals, furniture, cars). However, auras around living things are typically easier to perceive and are wider than the auras around inanimate objects.
An aura can change in color, width, and strength depending on the person and their current mood or situation. If that person is feeling happy and joyful, the aura might be yellow, bright, and strong, but if they are feeling depressed or sick, their aura could be brown or gray and very weak, dingy, and translucent.


So, for example: When you go through times of great stress, depression, anger, traumatic experience, pain, sickness or physical injury, your aura becomes weak. Drugs and alcohol can also weaken an aura, making it vulnerable to outside energies looking for a source.

Another powerful way to protect yourself along with the energy shield is having protective objects around you, in your space, or wearing them. Religious icons, talismans, and crystals have their own energy and can help you feel safe, powerful, and protected.
You can even empower your objects by surrounding them with an energy shield like the one’s listed above, or getting them blessed by a religious or spiritual leader.

Out of all the objects, crystals have the most vibration or frequency and can hold, or put out energy of their own. Crystals have a level of conciseness that can be perceived by people, animals and spirits by their aura and vibrational field, and each crystal has a different meaning and purpose.



Here are a list of protective crystals:




Black Tourmaline: Grounding, protection, dispels/transmutes negative energy.


Hematite: Grounding stone, enhances strength/clear thinking/common sense, focused energy.


Tiger’s Eye: Provides protection and gentle grounding, facilitates clear business decisions, aids in understanding core issues that block flow of abundance.


Black Obsidian: A powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura, and is a strong psychic protection stone.


Citrine: Cleanses energy and transmutes it into positive energy, blocks negative energy, expansive energy, increases mental clarity/concentration.


Kyanite (blue): Elevator stone, cleanses negative energy, increases psychic abilities, assists with connecting with guides, improves dream recall, facilitates meditation/tranquility.


Smokey Quartz: Efficient crystal for grounding and cleansing. Assists with healing, and stimulates all chakras, improves meditation and brings in serenity.


Selenite: Cleanses/purifies, invites guides to be present to support your efforts, provides spiritual insights, clarifies situations, promotes access to past and future lives.
(Note: Form of crystallized Gypsum)


These crystals and stones are all protecting with a few cleansing ones that will help you determine which ones to use in certain situations.



How to Ground Yourself


Staying grounded can be a big factor in keeping your mind and aura positive and strong. The best way to describe being grounded is explaining what it is not. When you are not grounded, you’re often confused, disoriented, unable to focus, you might be constantly dropping things, clumsy, dizzy, daydreaming, forgetful, head in the clouds, etc. Below is a technique you can use at any time to get yourself grounded so you can feel focused and ready.



  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Get yourself in a relaxed and calm position
  • When you’re ready, imagine a root coming down from your root
    chakra at the base of your spine, and going down deep into the earth, then see/feel it clasp on to mother earth.
    Some people can feel the energy of the earth as the roots connect.
  • Then imagine roots coming down from the soles of your feet and going deep into the earth and clasping on.
  • You can take as much time as you like feeling and absorbing this nurturing energy.
  • Take a few more deep breaths to center yourself.


You can do this exercise as many times as you like throughout the day, or any time you don’t feel grounded. This is not the only technique, but it can help you get started into other things to help you feel grounded and centered.


After you’ve done all the necessary steps to spiritually protect yourself, you will start to see a difference in your life. The steps will start to become a routine, and as long as you do your best to stay positive, you can live a happy, healthy, protected life.




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