Additional “Evidence” to Prove Haunted Hotel?

Haunted evidence

Additional "evidence" to prove haunted hotel?

This hotel room video went viral. Frank Ramirez (the man who posted the original video) made an attempt to create a debunk video of people debunking HIS video.

Frank insists fishing line couldn’t be the culprit.

The problem(s) with Frank’s debunk video:

1) It’s not the same room

2) Even the most remote difference in lighting changes things.

3) He zooms in on each subject in his debunk video making it very obvious there is fishing wire. He did not zoom in like that in the original.

4) He claims he just “got up from bed” where he was watching TV, and turned on his phone to document. I find it odd that he manages to put a towel over his shoulder in this process and conveniently place it on the bathroom counter to conveniently be filming it while it falls off the counter.

The BIGGEST red flag for me is his reaction(s) to these events (or lack thereof). He was awfully chill watching phones, hangers and towels move on their own. That’s not a normal reaction.

OC Ghosts & Legends investigator Mike Manney makes a brilliant observation:
“So convenient to have a hanger on the dresser drawer in a room with no closet or clothing rack”

Finally, the footage of the “two different guests” who claim to capture this phenomena in the same room is useless. It shows and proves absolutely nothing.

This attempt at capturing real ghost footage, while clever, is still phony in my book.

What do you guys think? Read the Full article at KFI AM 640

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