That viral roller coaster video? Yep – Fake


The Centrifuge Brain Project At one point or another, you have probably seen a post floating around your social media feeds showing insane roller coasters (like the above pictured). So insane, they seem out of this world. Best part, the video of these roller coasters are being passed around as legit thrill rides that exist […]

R.I.P “Poltergeist Tree” Black Star Canyon

What we have so endearingly referred to as the “Poltergeist Tree” or to some- the “Screaming Tree.” Many first time visitors just refer to it as that “Scary Tree.” This unique Black Star Canyon trademark is no more. She has been cut down.

Haunted Casa Grande Domes being demolished

Haunted Casa Grande Domes being demolished Our hearts always hurt when we hear of the demolition or destruction of a haunted landmark. While we never had the opportunity to investigate this notorious (and strange) Arizona haunt, it’s still a bummer to ear that it’s on its way out. CASA GRANDE, Ariz. (AP) — County officials […]