That viral roller coaster video? Yep – Fake


The Centrifuge Brain Project

At one point or another, you have probably seen a post floating around your social media feeds showing insane roller coasters (like the above pictured). So insane, they seem out of this world. Best part, the video of these roller coasters are being passed around as legit thrill rides that exist TODAY. Well, hold on there.

We want to assist in putting this clever trickery to rest. Those videos and photos are purely the work of a mockumentary film and some brilliant imaginations.

To be fair, the creator(s) of these images did such a fine job that they are very realistic and believable at first glance.


“Till Nowak’s intention was to make the film look realistic, but not to make people actually believe that the amusement rides existed. He was quite surprised to find out many people believed the film was real. Still, this was the case, and it shows that he was very successful at building a convincing façade.”

“Humor permeates this purported scientific documentary, which is presented in the most deadpan, poker-faced way. The documentary’s style follows what is usually called the “expository mode”, the type of documentary that aims to inform viewers using interviews and various kinds of evidence to support its argument. In this case, however, the information passed on to the viewers is complete nonsense. But it’s delivered in the most realistic way, complemented with footage that “proves” that the rides exist.”

For more insight into this brilliant Mockumentary, Read On HERE

What are your thoughts? Did you believe this were real? (Come-on….be honest!)

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