SOLVED: The Bizarre Case of Elisa Lam

elisa lam cecil hotel

Since 2013, the Elisa Lam case captured the attention of paranormal and true crime enthusiasts, conspiracy theorists and web sleuths determined to solve these mysteries while finding justice for the victim. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that behind the strange and bizarre circumstances that makes cases like this truly baffling and addictive, is that there […]

Q&A: Orange County Paranormal Investigator Talks About Local Ghostly Activity

Halloween Every Night

Q&A: Orange County Paranormal Investigator Talks About Local Ghostly Activity ‚ÄčIn the popular imagination, Orange County tends to conjure images of sunny suburbs and feuding housewives, not haunted mansions and shadowy valleys. But as paranormal investigator and director of OC Ghosts and Legends, Orange County resident Cris August has had more than a few paranormal […]

That viral roller coaster video? Yep – Fake


The Centrifuge Brain Project At one point or another, you have probably seen a post floating around your social media feeds showing insane roller coasters (like the above pictured). So insane, they seem out of this world. Best part, the video of these roller coasters are being passed around as legit thrill rides that exist […]

Queen Mary “REAL” Ghost Photo Captured

Real or Faked crop

Queen Mary “REAL” ghost photo captured We’ll start with a little history. The Queen Mary is located in Long Beach, CA. Internationally recognized, the [now] hotel is known as one of the most haunted places in the world. There are estimated to be as many as 150 spirits that reside on the ship. Over the […]

“Proof” is a two-way street

Cris August

“Musings of an ‘Open-Minded Skeptic” by: Cris August (Executive Director/Lead Investigator of OC Ghosts and Legends) – May 2016 I am as much of an advocate about being skeptical as the next and believe in the power of logic. I as much as anyone else want to believe something is paranormal, but let’s face it- […]